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Freezer Packs

Mixed Pack $200

4 lb pork chops

4 sausage

1 ham steak

4 striploin

3lb beef marinating steak or roast

6lb ground beef

2 lb beef stew

4 bone in chicken breast

2lb chicken wings

Mixed Pack $325

8 lb pork chops

3lb pork ribs

3lb pork roast

4 sausage burgers

4 bone in chicken breast

2 lb chicken wings

12 lb ground beef

2 striploin steak

6 lb marinating steak or roast

4 lb beef stew 

Beef Pack $250

12lb ground beef

2 top sirloin steaks

4 strip loin steak or 2 t bones

4 beef tenderloin steaks

8lb marinating steak or beef roast

4lb beef stew meat

Phone or email us your freezer pack requests
902-657-2122 or 902-657-3420
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