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Poultry Abattoir & Butcher Shop

​We have an on farm provincally inspected meat shop that offers custom meat cutting according to your specifications, wrapping (vacpacking available), grinding, smoking or sausage making.
 Provincially Inspected Custom Poultry Processing 
 Available June through December

Chicken Processing      $5.50/bird

Vac packing/shrinking  $2.50/bird

Basic Cut Up (6 pce) $3.00/bird

Special Cut                $4.35/bird

Vac packing               $0.95/package

Additional charges for saving parts                

Turkey Processing  $14.50 each under 20lb

                                $19.00 each 20-25lb

                                $24.00 each over 25lb

                                $33.00 each over 30lb

 Shrink bagging       $6.00 - $8.50

Freezer Packs and
Sides of Pork or Beef
are available
For more information about any of these services available phone (902) 657-3420 
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