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Our Story


Joe & Lorenda's family farm is located near Tatamagouche, Nova Scotia.

In the summer of 1999 Lorenda attended the local farmers' market with excess beans from their garden. She soon realized there was a great demand for fresh vegetables, homemade pickles, preserves and baking, as well as fresh farm eggs and meats from their farm. Customers desired to have a relationship with the producer of their food. Our customers and friends asked us to provide them with food full of flavour and meats from animals raised with care and provided with the proper nutrients to grow and gain in a natural way without added antibiotics or growth promotants in their diet.

It became our goal to produce naturally grown meat products for our customers and promote healthy eating.  Our livestock are raised on a balanced diet of grasses, legumes and grains.
Our chicken and turkey are certified free range, and are fed a grain based diet and have access to the fresh air, green grass and are free to graze on open pasture.

For several years the local farmers' market was our main retail outlet. The preparation of our products for market were done in partnership with local slaughter and butcher shops and the baking and preserves were made in our home kitchen.

In 2002 we renovated a building on our farm on the Upper River John Road to serve as a provincially inspected butcher shop. Our meat cutting and sausage making began on our farm, and we added a small retail space in it too.

In 2005, we identified a need for an inspected poultry abattoir in our region. We constructed an abattoir to fill a need for our farm business and to provide a service for other producers in our area.

Our business saw another expansion in 2007 when we purchased a farm on Highway 311, in Balfron. The addition of this property was to support our growing need for beef.

In 2009 we converted the 175 year old home into a retail farm market. This allowed us to increase our retail space from 100 sq ft to 1000 sq ft.

Over the last 20 years the business has gone from Joe & Lorenda fulfilling the daily farm tasks to a place where you could see upwards to 15 people on site in one day working to get things down. 

Today Ebbett's Meadow Brook Farm cares for 200 head of cattle, produces annually 3000 chickens, 800 turkeys, has a meat cutting shop, a poultry abattoir and a retail farm market shop.


We service a large number of farmers and small producers. We custom cut and process meat, we offer custom poultry slaughter and processing. Our services provide producers with a provincially inspected product they can sell to others.

     Why Shop with Us?

We believe supporting local is a big part of creating a strong sustainable  community. We practice supporting local businesses.


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